Installation of steel construction pipe fittings in construction.

Installation of steel construction pipe fittings in construction

We will provide information on many topics such as the installation of building and building fittings made of steel construction nowadays, the establishment methods of steel scaffolds, the joining techniques of scaffolds made of steel plates and pipes in the construction of buildings.

Many buildings and buildings are designed and implemented as steel structures and steel construction
being an indispensable material, making the quality of production standard
therefore, it is important to design and implement the preferred material.
Establishment of scaffolding with this module, classification of steel elements, steel column beam
and the installation of the cage beamed roof and elements.

Steel and pipelines in building constructions

Steel and Pipelines
Steel and Pipelines

The floods are usually used for a short time in building construction, dismantled and restored. It
it is required to be easily dismantled and installed, the material to be used is sound, and the same or similar work should be used again.
Pipe or steel scaffolding is used frequently nowadays because it is easy to respond. These platforms are equipped with perforated or rough steel plates or wooden beams which are welded to the steel frame as a walking platform. Pipe and steel scaffolds are divided into three parts.

Steel table stands

Steel table stands
Steel table stands

Building interior wall, plaster, coating, plumbing, etc. used in the construction of works. Pipe or various
The height of the frames made of profiled are 80-100 cm, 80-150 cm with adjustable head, the length can be between 100-200 cm.

Steel scaffolding
In multi-storey buildings, it can be easily disassembled hanging scaffolds are preferred.

Hanging Reel
These piers are very expensive to build a simple pier to the building,
It is used in the high buildings required. For this, there is a need for a motorized system that will allow workers to work comfortably and move this bar horizontally, with steel ropes on the front of the building. Installed on the terrace of the building where the motorized system with the motor will move horizontally. The most important feature of ?skelenin is the possibility of working at the required floor level.

Precautions to be taken in steel pipe scaffoldings

Precautions to be taken in steel pipe scaffoldings
Precautions to be taken in steel pipe scaffoldings

1) All pipes and mines to be used in steel pipe scaffolds
strength and other features will fit the norm according to the load
should be.
2) Pipes and other materials used in works other than scaffolding,
should not be used.
3) Steel pipe scaffolds cross to the right so as not to swing to the left and to the right
it should be reinforced with pipes and not to leave the building.
Attachments in vertical and horizontal pipes should be made at a maximum of 6 meters.
4) In order to prevent the pipe heads from sinking on the floor boards placed on the floor
made head shall be used and these heads shall be made of nails or long screws
should be fixed to the pads.
5) Beam or other wood to be used on platforms in steel pipe scaffoldings
the parts should be in the required strength.
6) Pipes or metal scaffolds, suitable for static electricity
It must be grounded.
7) As long as the work continues during the hazy and dark weather,
ladder and elevator heads and working upholstery suitable from the side It should be illuminated.