Fenerbah?e ülker Sports Arena

Fenerbah?e ülker Sports Arena

We Have Done Steel Construction Work of Fenerbah?e International Sports Complex ülker Sports Arena

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Fenerbah?e International Sports Complex ülker Sports Arena (Turkish: Fenerbah?e Uluslararas? Spor Kompleksi ülker Spor Arena) is a multi-purpose indoor arena that is located in Ata?ehir, Istanbul, Turkey. The arena is owned and operated by Fenerbah?e S.K. The arena has a capacity of 15,000 people for concerts and 13,059 for basketball games, and it has hosted national and international sports events, such as basketball, volleyball, wrestling, and weightlifting; as well as concerts and congresses.


The arena covers an area of approximately 55,000 m2 (590,000 sq ft), and is one of the major sports arenas in the city of Istanbul. The arena also has fast-food cafeterias and restaurants. It also has 6 locker room areas, 5 additional small locker rooms, 44 lounge areas, VIP seating areas, and a 2,500 capacity hall, which can be used for both training and practice games. Including the lounge and VIP areas, the arena can seat up to 13,800 people for sporting events

3. ?stanbul International Airport

We Have Done?Steel Construction Work of 3. ?stanbul International Airport

Istanbul New Airport (Turkish: ?stanbul Yeni Havaliman?) is an international airport under construction in the Arnavutk?y district on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey.

The airport is planned as the largest airport in the world with a 150 million annual passenger capacity in its last planned expansion stage, while remaining upgradable to handle 200 million annual passengers if required in the future. The airport was planned due to a reported lack of capacity in the existing airports of Istanbul. It will be the third international airport to be built in Istanbul after Atatürk Airport and Sabiha G?k?en Airport. Atatürk Airport will be closed down for scheduled passenger flights once the new airport is operational; and its IATA code IST will be transferred to the new airport.

As of April 2018, around 85% of the first stage of construction is completed. The inauguration of the airport is planned to take place on 29 October 2018. It was reported that the first test landing at the airport would take place on February 26, 2018, however this did not happen.

Basaksehir Fatih Terim Stadium

We Have Done?Steel Construction Work of Basaksehir Football Club the Name of Fatih Terim

Ba?ak?ehir Fatih Terim Stad? ?elik Konstruksiyon
Ba?ak?ehir Fatih Terim Stad? ?elik Konstruksiyon

The 3. ?stanbul Ba?ak?ehir Fatih Terim Stadiumu (Turkish: Ba?ak?ehir Fatih Terim Stadyumu) is a football stadium in Ba?ak?ehir district of ?stanbul, Turkey named in honour of successful Turkish footballer and manager Fatih Terim.

Opened officially to public on 26 July 2014, the venue has a capacity of 17,800 spectators. It is the new home of ?stanbul Ba?ak?ehir F.K. playing in the Süper Lig.

The construction of the stadium was completed in about 16 months, and it cost? 178 million ?.

Steel structure construction Fittings production

Steel structure construction Fittings production

In steel constructions, the production of the projects is in the factory at ninety percent?steel steel construction connections are only to be assembled in the construction site when the work is done in the workshops, that is to say the steel elements (steel elements, bearers, column, beam, loft, wind and fascia fittings, connecting plates, anchor, bolt, all kinds of materials).
Mounting of smoothly stacked steel elements transplanted to site and bolted or
welded joint. Welded joints, according to the cross-section and case studies of the steel rods to be added, corner welded joints are made by using end plates and overlapping and auxiliary plates.

Steel structure construction Fittings production and assembly

In some steel structure manufacturing plants, according to the project material sanding, painting, cutting
(including geometric shape), threading, welding, punching, pose numbering, that is, approximately ninety percent of the manufacturing is done with full automatic machines. The projects are also prepared so that construction site production is not needed as much as possible. For this reason, all the productions that need to be done; wind ties, lovers, rafters, etc. It is made as welded joints in factories including fittings of all elements.
The main reason is that the quality of the source made on the site does not retain the quality of the automatically welded plant. For steel structures, it is desirable that the production of site welding is at a minimum level.

In the factories, columns, beams, lovers, rafters, wind connection prepared in the factory
bars, fa?ade fittings and their fittings are welded on the column and the beam, it is easy to join them with bolts and nuts.
In short, we can say; the entire production to be made with the source applicability and budget) to be completed in factories and workshops, installation of bolts in the construction sites is the most important factor that increases the quality of the steel structures.

Preparation of steel plates in steel construction

1) The preparation of materials and the channeling of workers to work, structural steel
manufacturing, replacing and mounting, application drawings in accordance with the standards
It should be done.
2) Transport between workshop and worksite, overlaying, downloading and stowage on site,
the protective undercoat should be made so as not to damage the paint. Structural elements,
should never be thrown from transport vehicles.
3) In transport vehicles of steel construction elements and other stacking operations;
4) Scissors and beams should be protected in vertical position.
5) Avoid contact with soil.
6) Care should be taken that no water is left on steel construction elements.
7) Horizontal and vertical wooden blocks should be used in multi-row stacks.

Pre-assembled steel construction elements to be monitored for exposure numbers and installation
separated by rows, mud and paste free hanging, hanging sling with marked axle and center of gravity (sling: braided
nylon rope) must be specified.
1) Materials not conforming to the standards should not be used.
2) The teeth of the anchor bolts, before and during installation,
It must be protected.
3) Damaged steel structural elements should be replaced with new ones.
4) Surface cleaning of steel construction elements, control just before installation It should be. Damaged protective undercoat, damaged areas It must be renewed.

Considerations in Steel Structure Installation

1) According to the project dimensions of the connecting axles of the bases where the steel structure is located
deviations: + 3 mm up to 9 m shaft spacing, + 4 mm at 9 – 15 m shaft spacing,
Must not exceed + 6 mm in 15 to 21 m axle clearance.
2) The foundation support plate to which the columns will be laid,
can be very different + 1.5 mm.
3) The installation should be done according to the order in the project.
4) Replaced steel construction element, before the assembly leaves the vinci hook
projected bolt, temporary point source, stability bonds and the like
must be securely connected to the system.
5) After the first pair of horizontal conveyor elements or shears are placed
roof-plane stability bonds and vertical stability bonds, if any
and lovers should be placed.
6) Temporary connections can be made during installation.
7) In the assembly, the roof does not slip from the plane of lovers and rafters
attention should be paid. The challenge to do this is to bend the parts,
torsion, separation from flat surfaces.
8) Light tractions may be allowed for parts to come side by side. Extreme
pulls and additional stretchings must not be allowed.
9) All the productions to be made should be made in accordance with their specifications.
10 After the manufacturing company has been approved by the control company,
It should be.

Installation of steel construction pipe fittings in construction.

Installation of steel construction pipe fittings in construction

We will provide information on many topics such as the installation of building and building fittings made of steel construction nowadays, the establishment methods of steel scaffolds, the joining techniques of scaffolds made of steel plates and pipes in the construction of buildings.

Many buildings and buildings are designed and implemented as steel structures and steel construction
being an indispensable material, making the quality of production standard
therefore, it is important to design and implement the preferred material.
Establishment of scaffolding with this module, classification of steel elements, steel column beam
and the installation of the cage beamed roof and elements.

Steel and pipelines in building constructions

Steel and Pipelines
Steel and Pipelines

The floods are usually used for a short time in building construction, dismantled and restored. It
it is required to be easily dismantled and installed, the material to be used is sound, and the same or similar work should be used again.
Pipe or steel scaffolding is used frequently nowadays because it is easy to respond. These platforms are equipped with perforated or rough steel plates or wooden beams which are welded to the steel frame as a walking platform. Pipe and steel scaffolds are divided into three parts.

Steel table stands

Steel table stands
Steel table stands

Building interior wall, plaster, coating, plumbing, etc. used in the construction of works. Pipe or various
The height of the frames made of profiled are 80-100 cm, 80-150 cm with adjustable head, the length can be between 100-200 cm.

Steel scaffolding
In multi-storey buildings, it can be easily disassembled hanging scaffolds are preferred.

Hanging Reel
These piers are very expensive to build a simple pier to the building,
It is used in the high buildings required. For this, there is a need for a motorized system that will allow workers to work comfortably and move this bar horizontally, with steel ropes on the front of the building. Installed on the terrace of the building where the motorized system with the motor will move horizontally. The most important feature of ?skelenin is the possibility of working at the required floor level.

Precautions to be taken in steel pipe scaffoldings

Precautions to be taken in steel pipe scaffoldings
Precautions to be taken in steel pipe scaffoldings

1) All pipes and mines to be used in steel pipe scaffolds
strength and other features will fit the norm according to the load
should be.
2) Pipes and other materials used in works other than scaffolding,
should not be used.
3) Steel pipe scaffolds cross to the right so as not to swing to the left and to the right
it should be reinforced with pipes and not to leave the building.
Attachments in vertical and horizontal pipes should be made at a maximum of 6 meters.
4) In order to prevent the pipe heads from sinking on the floor boards placed on the floor
made head shall be used and these heads shall be made of nails or long screws
should be fixed to the pads.
5) Beam or other wood to be used on platforms in steel pipe scaffoldings
the parts should be in the required strength.
6) Pipes or metal scaffolds, suitable for static electricity
It must be grounded.
7) As long as the work continues during the hazy and dark weather,
ladder and elevator heads and working upholstery suitable from the side It should be illuminated.